Thursday, January 3, 2019

SPND undermines Iran's national interest!

 The New Tehran site

What Motivates Us?

SPND, an organization that continues the objectives of the former AMAD program, is a corrupt organization that wastes public funds. Its current activity and future plans have subjected Iran to crippling economic sanctions, and have isolated it from the international community, ultimately serving the interests of its enemies.

SPND employees could make a great contribution to Iran's economy, if only they would harness their knowledge and skills for academic and industrial growth.

Instead, these experts have chosen to turn their back on national interests and are being used as political pawns by the Iranian regime, which is responsible for SPND's very existence.

Our Plan
we plan to expose the names of SPND employees and work through various international and academic channels, in order to make legal and economic measures against the organization and its representatives. 

Help us stop SPND!
We appeal to all those who have information on SPND employees to send emails to the following: Help us bring them to justice! 

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